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Bride and groom pop up card template | Pop up wedding card SVG

  Are you finding a card that is made from your own hands? This bride and groom pop up card template helps make a beautiful card for the wedding day. The groom and bride will be surprised when the card opens. Please make this card with sincerity and send them your best love wishes. And don’t forget that we have a tutorial video to help you create your own card easier.

Engagement rings pop-up card template | Engagement pop-up card template

The Engagement rings pop-up card template helps you create a supprised gift for your true love. When the card is opened, engagement rings will pop up with a marriage proposal: “Will you marry me?”. She (or he) must be surprised and happy because your love is sent through the card that you make on your own. What are you looking for? Download this template, grab some craft supplies, and get ready to make the marriage proposal card with your love.

Happy wedding pop-up card template | Paper Soul Craft

This is our new design to say happy wedding to brides and grooms. If you’re finding a meaningful gift made by yourself, this template is a great idea. It’s so simple to make this card, but that must be a surprise gift to recipients.  Download this Happy wedding pop-up card template and make it yourself.

Wedding pop up card template | congratulations on your wedding card template

This is a wedding pop up card template that helps you make a pretty greeting card. There is a “Congratulations on wedding” message on the flower inside when the card opens. And when you rotate the card horizontally, you’ll see the bride and groom stand on the flower. The card is for wedding congratulation or wedding anniversary,... Make the card with joy, and give your friends and loved ones best wishes. They will be surprised with the card and happy because it’s made yourself. Download the template and get our tutorial video to make the card yourself.